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Last Modified at 2017-02-05

Pretty-Cure Allstars training sheet

PreCuresGirlsVoice actors
PreCuresGirlsVoice actors


Do you know Pretty Cures, voice actors, and girls name? And can you remember? When we try to do so, a vague memory often bother us for recalling their names. This training sheet is created for such Pretty Cure fans. Please fill in blanks about "PreCures name","Girls name", and "Voice actors name" , then you can master name of Pretty Cures. I hope you'll make this sheet useful for preventing become Saiarks :)

How to use

As you click any space cells, the game will start. After you input to blanks, you can move cursor by pressing Tab key. If you input correct answers or not, the color of cells turn Green(correct) or Red(incorrect).




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